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Rio 2016: Day Zero on Twitter

Following my bloggage of the Athens 2004, Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Olympics, I started by Rio 2016 blog coverage two days before the opening ceremony as usual with some women's soccer. On the day before opening I went "meh" and stopped. I did, of course, continue on Twitter.

As the 2020 in 2021 Tokyo Olympics approach, I decided to complete the task of blogging the Games of the XXXI Olympiad by trawling through my Twitter archive (a risky business leaving your social media past online these days, I know) and embellishing with some video of the day. If I don't get sick of the exercise before the closing ceremony I promise to do some day-to-day angstage of my ambivalent relationship with The Games That Probably Should Have Been Cancelled But Haven't 2021.

The Rio Olympics were, it should be recalled, conducted in the wake of two cultural horrors: Donald Trump winning the Republican nomination for President was one; the release of Pokemon Go was the other.

Oh and there were the OH&S issues:

And the environmental:

(article now reachable at

I watched a delayed telecast of the Opening Ceremony. I'll leave the reviews to others:

Here thanks to the Olympic Channel is the Opening Ceremony in full: 

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