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May 2009

Supreme Court upholds Prep.H, allows Pi=3.2 equations prior to Nov. to stand

Californian Supreme Court judges today upheld a constitutional amendment enshrining the value of Pi as 3.1415926535(etc etc etc). The amendment, known as Preparation H, was supported by a majority of Californian voters at a referendum last year.

The decision enraged Pi=3.2 activists, however they did score a small victory today when the Court ruled that Preparation H did not apply to any calculation in which the equals sign had been struck before November 3, 2008.

A hundred years of James Mason

As Australia mourns the passing of Bud Tingwell - who has, indeed, been granted a state funeral next Wednesday - let us cast our minds back to the 1953 war drama "The Desert Rats", in which Tingwell played a minor role. Field Marshall Rommel was played in the same film by James Mason. Today, May 15, is the 100th anniversary of his birth.