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January 2007

John Howard Darfur count... 1

It slipped by unnoticed at the time, but John Howard mentioned "Darfur" by name for, I believe, the first time, in his Christmas message to the nation on December 24, 2006.

Even if it was as part of one sentence which looks like it was inserted into the speech almost as an afterthought:

It's also a time to remember some of the tragic trouble spots of the world; areas like Darfur in Africa and the troubled Middle East.

Great moments in Google content development

There was great anticipation and excitement in Sydney on Australia Day with the news that Google Inc. had chartered an aeroplane to photograph the city for an update of Google Earth. Many parties, giant signs, marriage proposals etc were arranged for the morning. The plane turned up after everyone had gone home.

The Sydney Morning Herald

Youtube Du Jour

Youtube Du Jour sounds like a famous Senegalese musician, but it is in fact a new featurette section that I am including in this blog from time to time.

One (or maybe more, or maybe less) video of interest to me, noted from Google Inc. subsidiary, Youtube. I have retrospectively launched the series with the Brett Lee/Asha Bhosle music video from India.